Basic Course
You'll get:

100% Independent Learning
Access to the Thomas Kralow Trading Community
19 Interactive Quizzes
7 Practical Assignments

Learn the basics of trading in my Basic Course!

James R.

Such a pleasure knowing and working with Thomas Kralow. I am blessed to have met such a bright mind. Thank you for everything that you have done for me! I never thought that he would ever go into teaching, yet I can say that his students are blessed to have an opportunity to learn from such a fantastic person as well as a great trader! Thomas knows how to explain complicated things in a straight forward way! That's for sure.

Alf Hofmann

I met Thomas more than 7 years ago. I knew right on the spot that he would make a great trader! So, I offered to teach him. He was a fast learner; therefore, he became a successful trader quite quickly. I am proud that he decided to share his experience and knowledge with others! He is a fantastic trader, and he will make a great mentor!
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